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Who are we?    We are an Arkansas-based program that is implemented through a partnership between the Arkansas Department of Education and the Arkansas Education Service Cooperatives. We provide an array of quality digital courses to public school students in Arkansas and utilize Arkansas licensed instructors. Virtual Arkansas serves approximately 200 districts and over 30,000 student registrations. We are not an online high school or a diploma-granting institution but are a resource for supplementing education for public school students. Students who are enrolled in a public school may be enrolled in Virtual Arkansas courses by the local school administration.

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Why are we here?    Virtual Arkansas is committed to developing the full potential of Arkansas students by providing access to quality online courses that incorporate interactive instruction to prepare students to be successful in their college and career educational pursuits and in the global economy. School districts "Power Up with Virtual Arkansas" for a variety of reasons. A district may face a teacher shortage, or want to provide additional course scheduling opportunities to their students, or offer their students access to a digitally enriched curriculum, or to broaden their course offerings beyond those mandated by the Standards for Accreditation of Arkansas Public Schools. Finally, districts that partner with Virtual Arkansas will be satisfying the requirements of Act 1280, the Digital Learning Act.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Virtual Arkansas will perform maintenance on the LMS servers December 26, 2016, through December 29, 2016. Access to course content will not be available during this time.

Virtual Arkansas provides 24/7 access to courses with the exception of scheduled maintenance windows.

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