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Virtual Arkansas Pacing and

Environmental Options

Schools will have two pacing options to select from when submitting course requests for the 2017-2018 academic year:

1.     Teacher‐Led (TL)-is a controlled pacing structure and the teacher controls the pacing of students through the content. Schools may submit enrollments for the TL controlled pacing for students who are enrolled in a course for the first time (Traditional), Alternative Education, or recovering credit. Virtual Arkansas instructors are teachers‐ofrecord, monitor student progress, control pace of a course, and conduct scheduled Zoom sessions with students enrolled in (TL) paced courses.

2.     Flex‐Paced (FP)-courses are designed to allow students to work at a personalized pace, with supervision by the Virtual Arkansas teacher. As students progress in the content, they will reach checkpoints that measure mastery of content. If students score at the predetermined level of mastery, they will be able to move to the next level of content in the course. Students are encouraged to participate in scheduled Zoom sessions.


TL ‐ Teacher‐Led

FP ‐ Flex‐Paced

Student Descriptor Options

1.     Alternative Education (AE)-a student classified as Alternative Education may be enrolled in the controlled Teacher‐Led or the Flex‐Paced option.

2.     Credit Recovery (CR)-students recovering credit may be enrolled in either the TeacherLed or the Flex‐Paced option. If the school wants the student to remain in a course for the duration of the semester, then the school should select the Teacher‐Led pacing option.

3.     HUB-this designation is only for those schools who partner with the Crossroads program.

When enrolling a student, a student may meet all or none of the Environment attributes. You will just select the descriptors in each of the drop‐down boxes.