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Content Only

Content Only (CO)


Schools are also able to utilize Virtual Arkansas content only courses.  All of the CORE courses are available as Content Only. Check out our Course Catalog to view those courses available.  When schools elect toStudent Working on computer with teacher use our CO courses, they are provided the course curriculum, content, and assessments through our Learning Management system. Instead of using a Virtual Arkansas teacher, the course is taught and monitored by a local teacher.  





To satisfy Act 1280, a digital online class must provide students with control over at least one of the following criteria:

⇢ Time

⇢ Place

⇢ Pace

⇢ Path


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The local teacher is the Teacher of Record for the Content-Only course. 

The local teacher may conduct the Content-Only course much as they do a traditional class. 






ACT 1280 FAQ

What is blended learning?

     A: Blended learning is any time a student learns partially from a brick-and-mortar location (school) and partially through online delivery with some element of student control over time, place, path and/or pace. (iNacol, 2011)

Will Virtual Arkansas classes count towards meeting Act 1280?

     A: Yes. These courses are designed to provide students choice of learning path and pace within certain timelines. The organization of time and place is determined by the district.

Can I use Virtual Arkansas software and my teacher to offer a class?

    A:Yes. Virtual Arkansas will have courses available for use by Arkansas districts.


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This table provides contact information for Content Only campus.

Content Only Specialist 

Director of Curriculum & Instruction Registrar
Amanda Rauls  Dr. Brandie Benton Mindy Looney
501.477.2781 501.477.2781 501.477.2781


More information about ACT 1280 can be found at the Arkansas Department of Education FAQ for Act 1280.