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About Us

 About Virtual Arkansas

Virtual Arkansas offers supplemental online programs to Arkansas school districts through participating in education cooperatives.  School districts can choose from a variety of courses and options to meet the needs of their students. Some of the options include . . .

  • Full-service courses with a licensed Arkansas teacher
  • Content only courses where the local district provides the teacher
  • Flexible and traditional paced learning

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We are the premier digital source delivering opportunities and building foundations for students achieving their dreams.




MissionStudent Working on computer

Our mission is to equip, engage, and empower students through unique, digital opportunities.




Core Values


We are committed to student success by making decisions which support a dynamic journey in learning


We are committed to developing and maintaining caring and trusting relationships with all stakeholders and providing excellence in service.


We are committed to conducting our program with an ethical and sincere approach in all we do.


We are committed to establishing processes that facilitate and model a collaborative approach to learning, improvement, and growth.


We are committed to implementing cutting edge resources, technology, methodology, and practices that lead to student-directed academic achievement and growth.


We are committed to providing excellence in quality in all that we do, with a particular focus on the quality of courses, teaching, and service. 



Core Beliefs


We believe…

¤ Students are our focus.

¤ Students should have an opportunity for an excellent education.

¤ Positive relationships are foundational.

¤ Every student can succeed in a digital environment.

¤ A tailored approach is essential to meet student needs.

¤ Students should have access to a safe digital environment.

¤ Staff should be caring, effective, and professional.