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CTE Campus

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We are an Arkansas-based program that is implemented through a partnership between the Arkansas Department of Education and the Arkansas Education Service Cooperatives. We provide an array of quality digital courses to public school students in Arkansas and utilize Arkansas licensed instructors. We are not an online high school or a diploma-granting institution but are a resource for supplementing education for public school students. Students who are enrolled in a public school may be enrolled in Virtual Arkansas courses by the local school administration.

Working closely with the Arkansas Department of Education and the Arkansas Department of Career and Technical Education, the Career and Technical Education campus of Virtual Arkansas, located at Dawson Education Cooperative, provides a career-focused curriculum addressing both national and state standards within the following nationally recognized career clusters:  Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources; Arts, A/V Technology & Communications; Education and Training; Finance; Health Science; Hospitality and Tourism; Human Services; Information Technology; Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security; Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics. While enrolled in one of the forty CTE courses offered, students gain a solid foundation of career awareness and explore opportunities found within their chosen career pathway.

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Virtual Arkansas full-service courses provide access to an Arkansas-certified instructor and aligned curriculum within a blended learning environment. We utilize web-based applications to deliver courses in an equitable, efficient, and effective manner. Three days a week, students are given access to an engaging and interactive online curriculum. Two days a week, students are engaged with their instructor in live synchronous sessions. Our courses are online courses but we provide access to the instructor on a regular basis.

New for the 2023-2024 school year

We have partnered with UACCM to bring another career opportunity for high school students.  Students can now earn a Certificate of Proficiency in Surveying.  To receive the Certificate of Proficiency, students will need to take the following courses:  Survey of Business; Composition I, Introduction to CAD and Surveying Software, Plane Surveying, Calculator Solutions, and Understanding OSHA Regulations.   For more information on the program and admissions process, visit the UACCM High School Concurrent page.  

For information regarding admission requirements, please visit the UACCM Admission Requirements page.