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Virtual Arkansas Services Offered

► How Do I Join The VA Consortium?

This MOU Request is only to be filled out by the Superintendent or designee of this individual for a School District or Building. This is not the same MOU that students or schools fill out for using VA Teacher-Led courses.

Step 1: Start the process by filling out the Hosted Canvas Consortium MOU Request form.

Step 2: We will send you the digital MOU. Complete the MOU and send it back to Virtual Arkansas. 

Step 3: We setup your Canvas account so learning can begin. 

Submit MOU Request Form

► What is the VA Consortium?

The Virtual Arkansas Consortium is a collection of schools, districts, or other educational entities who desire to have full access to the Canvas Learning Management System.  These organizations also have the ability to share course content and other educational material with others within the consortium, creating a giant virtual PLC!  In addition, consortium members can opt in for access to the Virtual Arkansas Consortium Course Catalog, a collection of 80+ courses for 7th-12th grade students.  This catalog will continue to grow with new courses added each year!

View these resources to see a comparison of all services offered by Virtual Arkansas.

► What courses are offered?

We have a variety of course offerings depending on the service you choose.

► Do we get training if we utilized the VA Hosted Consortium or the VA Hosted + Content Consortium

Absolutely!  Virtual Arkansas will provide Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) training for teachers and administrators (at no additional cost). This will be followed by Course Destin and Development training. 

► If we use the Virtual Arkansas courses with our teachers, do our teachers have any autonomy when it comes to what they teach?

Once your teachers receive their Virtual Arkansas course(s), they are able to edit or adapt the content to meet your district’s local requirements or needs.  The content and assignments are fully editable, and you can even switch the order of the content around if desired! 

► How much does it cost?

  • If you are wanting to be a part of the VA hosted Consortium, VA Hosted + Content Consortium, or the Self Hosted + Content Consortium, you can easily calculate your anticipated cost with this cost calculator.

  • If you want to know the costs or our Teacher Led Full Service options or our Content Only options, you can review those prices on our full service course catalog

► Who do I contact with more questions?

To request more information email or call Mindy Looney | 501.477.2781 Ms. Looney can help answer your questions and/or schedule you for a personalized informational and Q&A Zoom session. 

► Can we use Virtual Arkansas Teacher-led service as our 100% virtual option?

Your school or district can offer Virtual Arkansas Teacher-led courses for a 100% virtual option for grades 9 – 12. Prior to selecting this option, please review the following frequently asked question document for the 100% virtual option.

100% Virtual Option FAQ

VA Hosted + Content Consortium
VA Hosted + Content Consortium
VA Hosted Consortium
VA Hosted Consortium
Self Hosted + VA Content
Self Hosted + VA Content

Virtual Arkansas, your State Virtual School, is committed to supporting Arkansas students, teachers, and school districts as they make plans for the upcoming school year.  We will continue to provide services and design and develop Arkansas courses, aligned to the Arkansas standards, for Arkansas students, by Arkansas subject matter experts.  We are devoted to providing these services guided by our core values: students first, relationships, integrity, collaboration, innovation, and quality.

As your district begins planning on how to implement digital/blended learning into the local curriculum next year, Virtual Arkansas has options that will make the transition easier for the teachers and students. Virtual Arkansas wants to build capacity within districts to ensure that if another major event occurs, like the COVID-19 pandemic, both teachers and students have access to the 9 - 12 curricula that meet or exceed the Arkansas standards so that learning is not disrupted.