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Content Partnership Program


Are you looking for high-quality instructional materials? 

Virtual Arkansas is here to partner with you! We offer over 190 professional and locally developed courses for grades 7-12. These courses are built by Arkansas subject matter experts for Arkansas students according to the AR state standards. We provide the technology, content, and training while the district provides the teacher.




This is how it works

Once your school has decided to commit to expanding your district’s course offerings through a partnership with Virtual Arkansas, we will develop a school-specific professional development plan to ensure that your teachers are trained in best practices for online and blended learning. After completing our training, your teachers will receive their Arkansas standards aligned courses and can begin customizing them to meet the individual needs of their students. Your teachers will be equipped to teach students in their classrooms, through blended learning strategies, and to serve students who are learning from home or an alternative location.

You’ll be able to choose to use Virtual Arkansas’s robust learning management system, Canvas, or import our course into your own system for more customization options. Regardless, parents and other school officials will be able to observe students in their courses using the Canvas Observer Role to ensure students stay on track academically.  Additionally, your school will be able to collect, analyze, and communicate with stakeholders regarding student performance using rich assessment, participation, and engagement data using Canvas Analytics.

Content Partnership Course Catalog