ALE Core Services

Are you looking for a teacher and course to serve your ALE students in the core areas? Virtual Arkansas is here for you! We are able to provide a certified teacher, high-quality online course, and 51%+ of live synchronous instruction in the four core areas.

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Transforming Education, Transforming Lives

Discover the real impact of Virtual Arkansas on the educational landscape. Our platform has become a catalyst for positive change, empowering students, supporting schools, and fostering a culture of innovation in Arkansas education. Explore the stories of success, the achievements of our students, and the transformative journey that schools have embarked on with Virtual Arkansas. Join us in celebrating the profound impact we’ve collectively made on the future of education in the Natural State.

Over 300,000 Students Empowered:

Empowering students across the state, providing them with access to high-quality education, diverse courses, and pathways to success.

99% Customer Satisfaction Rate:

Our commitment to excellence extends to our community. Our platform has a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

200+ Courses, Countless Success Stories:

With a curriculum offering over 200 courses, Virtual Arkansas has become the gateway to countless success stories.