Content + Teacher

Are you in search of top-notch educational content delivered by certified teachers from an award-winning program tailored to meet the needs of students in your school district or charter school? Look no further. Virtual Arkansas proudly provides a diverse selection of over 165 high-quality courses spanning grades 5 through 12. Our courses are meticulously crafted and instructed by certified Arkansas teachers, ensuring a standard of excellence in education. It’s no wonder that Virtual Arkansas serves as the primary resource for more than 90% of all school districts in Arkansas, and over 96% of rural schools in the state trust us for their educational needs. Join the multitude of institutions benefiting from our proven track record in delivering exceptional virtual education.

Assessment and Competency Engine

Virtual Arkansas is currently enhancing 24 of our core content partnership courses to include an embedded, robust, standards-aligned assessment environment that can equip teachers with information to support students and prepare students for success on the high stakes assessments required by the state and for college and career readiness.

      • ELA – Grades 6-10
      • Math – Grades 6-8 + Algebra I and Geometry
      • Science – Grades 6-8 + Biology
      • Social Studies – 10 courses (G5 World Geography, G6 World History to 1500, G7 US History to 1850, G8 US History 1850-1930, G8 Arkansas History, HS World History Since 1450s, HS US History Since 1929, HS Arkansas History, Civics, Economics with Personal Finance)

Teachers will be empowered by the resulting high-quality, standards-aligned assessment data to inform instruction and provide targeted interventions and remediation to support student learning.

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Arkansas standards-aligned courses designed and developed by Arkansas-certified educators and certified by Quality Matters and the National Standards of Quality for Online Courses. 


Virtual Arkansas teachers are fully Arkansas focused and Arknasas certified in their course and content areas. We have veteran staff with the average teacher having over 14 years of total experience and over 7 years of online teaching experience. 


Virtual Arkansas provides top-notch and personal customer service and support with over 99% positive customer and partner satisfaction ratings. 



Virtual Arkansas provides affordable access to educational opportunities to Arkansas students who might not otherwise have these opportunities. 


Virtual Arkansas understands that every students has their own personal situation and struggles. We partner with the local schools to make sure we work with students in unique situations. 


Virtual Arkansas is an Arkansas program specifically designed to serve the needs of Arkansas students, schools, and families. 

Transforming Education, Transforming Lives

Discover the real impact of Virtual Arkansas on the educational landscape. Our platform has become a catalyst for positive change, empowering students, supporting schools, and fostering a culture of innovation in Arkansas education. Explore the stories of success, the achievements of our students, and the transformative journey that schools have embarked on with Virtual Arkansas. Join us in celebrating the profound impact we’ve collectively made on the future of education in the Natural State.

Over 300,000 Students Empowered:

Empowering students across the state, providing them with access to high-quality education, diverse courses, and pathways to success.

99% Customer Satisfaction Rate:

Our commitment to excellence extends to our community. Our platform has a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

200+ Courses, Countless Success Stories:

With a curriculum offering over 200 courses, Virtual Arkansas has become the gateway to countless success stories.