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This page provides links to software and instructions for Zoom, which is required for all students to utilize to meet with teachers and peers for instruction. 

Notice to Tech Admins: For those using Chromebooks, Zoom for Chrome Zoom Web App, also referred to as “Zoom for Chrome PWA”, is separate from the ChromeOS App. According to Zoom, support for ChromeOS apps is to be phased out across all operating systems by February 1, 2023. Tech admins must migrate users from the ChromeOS app to the new Zoom for Chrome Zoom Web App. Failure to migrate could cause students’ Zoom sessions to be abruptly ended when the Respondus Lockdown Browser is launched to take an exam, among other issues.

Notice to Tech Admins: For those using the Zoom Client software, you’ll also want to review the updated ZOOM Software Quarterly Lifecycle Policy.

Installing Zoom for Virtual Arkansas Users
Windows and MacOS use the Zoom Desktop Client. Chromebooks use the new Zoom for Chrome Zoom Web App.

Your Operating System For School-Owned Devices  For Student-Owned Devices

Windows ⇒

Download the latest "Zoom Desktop Client" Download the latest "Zoom Desktop Client" (for Windows)

macOS ⇒

Download the latest "Zoom Desktop Client" Download the latest "Zoom Desktop Client" (for macOS)
chromeOS ⇒

Instructions – For School District Tech Teams

NOTE:  We recommend the use of “Force Install” in your Google Admin Console settings.

NOTE: You must be logged onto your personal-owned Chromebook with a personal Google account, beforehand.

Download Zoom for Chrome PWA (for Chromebooks)


What Chromebook Users Can Expect To See When Clicking On A Zoom Link

Zoom screenshot for ChromeOS users

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